Collection: Marjeanne's Creations

About Marjeanne's Creations

Founded in 1997, Marjeanne's Creations is deeply rooted in the natural world, inspired by founder Marjeanne’s personal experiences and surroundings in the countryside. Driven by her passion for herbs, essential oils, and natural healing, Marjeanne developed her line of products as a response to her own health challenges, particularly chronic migraines. Her quest for an effective, natural remedy led to the creation of Migraine Away & More, a fast-acting, pleasant-smelling roll-on that offers relief from migraine symptoms. Following its success, Marjeanne expanded her product range to include Numbs Up!, a pain reliever for intense physical discomfort. Marjeanne's Creations now offers a diverse line of natural products. Committed to enhancing wellbeing naturally, Marjeanne is grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives through her work.