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Lactic Acidosis is the most common mechanism of chronic disease and has been my primary most important discovery. I figured that out in 2016 and now in 2021, this is number two, fixing problems from the neck upwards topically is the second most important discovery in my whole career.

I’ve been applying this now for several months to my patient base, to the people that it matters to and having fantastic results, surprisingly amazingly awesome results, but yet predictable now because I know this problem, I fully understand it and I’m going to share the solutions with you.

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Discover how to address your teeth, gums, tonsils, nasal cavity, ears and more for better overall body health…

Chronic immune system problems above the collar cause chronic symptoms throughout the rest of the body. We have seen patients reverse arthritis, constipation, bloating, Lyme symptoms, TMJ problems, leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, chronic immune weakness, and heart/chest pain by doing these actions.

The pathogenic organisms above the collar are known to travel lower to the body through the lymphatic system, blood, dripping down the throat from the sinuses or ears, or getting swallowed from the mouth. Oral “dysbiosis”, aka unfriendly bacteria in the mouth is a problem caused by bad food and smoking.

Airborne germs invade through your nose. It’s the body’s air filter for trapping allergens and viruses…

Naväge is a super-effective, all-natural way to clean your nose.

It’s the world’s only nose cleaner with powered suction to flush out mucus and germs so you can breathe better, sleep deeper, snore less, and feel healthier!

Learn how to achieve Ketosis.…

This will be hard for you at the start – because your body is using all this sugar as energy – our goal is to stop this.

The easiest way to do this is to increase satisfying meats. The more meat you eat, the mainstay of our natural diet since the beginning of time, the better you will feel.

An example of this is to eat some animal foods three times a day and your desire for snacks and high carb meals goes down over weeks and months. Most people feel better immediately and the more often they eat meat, the more fortitude they get.

Here is a sneak peek…

Which is why we include the 3 C’S in all our programs:


We all generally do so much better when we’re doing things together. By being part of a community of like minded people who all want to achieve similar results, aiming for the same goals, makes it fun to share our successes and challenges. The Facebook group helps to keep you motivated and supported during and after your program.


When you have goals to achieve, there’s nothing like having someone with you who has been where you want to go, someone who can tell you the exact path that you need to take, someone who can really help accelerate your progress by telling you step by step exactly what you need to do. Everyone needs a help from a professional, no matter how much knowledge you have on nutrition and health.  You can always contact our practice and become a private patient.


I have dedicated my life to bringing you the latest cutting edge advice and resources on educating you on the fundamentals of healing.

It’s amazing how information is evolving so quickly in the fields of nutrition and healthcare. It’s my job to filter out all the BS and get you the most accurate and beneficial content that will fast track your health.

Rest assured that you are getting the best advice out there.

The KETOSIS Course Is For You IF:

  • You want to make your immune system strong like a freight train.

  • You chose not to get the flu shot and you are looking for healthy options.

  • You are conscious about having a healthy diet.

  • You get flu-like symptoms too often and you’re tired of it.

  • You want to use your sick days as a nice vacation rather than actually being sick in bed.

  • You are a big fan of pharma drugs and therfore believe that “supplements don’t work”.

  • Your diet is bad and will never, ever get better.

  • You believe that a lab researcher in a white coat is smarter than Mother Nature.

  • You are not interested in learning new things

There’s absolutely no risk here.

There’s a small chance that you’ve never dealt with me or my company before. So you may not be aware of my amazing support desk and customer care policies. If that’s the case, let me set your mind at ease. You are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. So if this is not the investment you were expecting… well… then I will happily refund it for you within our guarantee period.
That’s it.
Simple. Proven. Guaranteed.