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Tri-Butyrin Supreme 60softgels

Tri-Butyrin Supreme 60softgels

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Introducing the revolutionary Tri-Butyrin Supreme™ - an innovative solution for achieving optimal gut health and immune function! Unlike traditional supplements, this game-changing product harnesses the power of CoreBiome™, a groundbreaking form of tributyrin that contains three molecules of butyric acid bound to glycerol. With each softgel delivering 300 mg of this impressive compound, Tri-Butyrin Supreme™ works by modulating intestinal flora, promoting colonocyte health, and supporting proper gut permeability. Say hello to a healthier gut and a stronger immune system with Tri-Butyrin Supreme™!

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Whole Food Nutrition. Just as Nature Intended.

We use whole food supplements and nutrition to repair and heal organs and tissues without the use of drugs or surgery. We use a technique called Nutrition Response Testing which discovers exactly what is wrong with a body and how to fix it. Our goal is to help you on your journey to optimal health, and to feel your best through whole food nutrition and supplements. We can help you with many health issues from insomnia, lack of concentration and focus to anxiety, heart disease and cancer. Give us a call to start your journey to health!

Dr. Darren Schmidt

CEO, Doctor of Chiropractic,
Nutrition Expert

Dr. Darren Schmidt, DC founded the Nutritional Healing Center back in 1997. He knew that there were multiple elements to helping people and started his quest to, not just treat the symptom, but to find the cause and later discover the mechanism of chronic disease. His discoveries have enabled the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor to help thousands of people in every continent all over the world through our Long Distance Patient Program and by seeing patients personally in our office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our patients have seen improvement with hormone problems, digestive issues, and many other chronic health conditions. All with the application of our well proven holistic approach.

Healthcare as Mother Nature Intended.