Mental & Brain Function

The Basics of Mental and Brain Function

Your brain is the keyboard and computer that you use to process information. If it’s not fed well or overloaded with toxins or yeast then you are not able to grasp information, recall, think, receive or retrieve information. The brain also controls involuntary functions you may have heard of like the fight/flight and rest/repair mechanisms. If the brain is not functioning at 100%, then this functions can be diminished as well.

How does it start?

The brain needs specific nutrients to function well: good fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and above all a healthy digestive tract so that the foods that you eat are assimilated properly. Most brain related symptoms usually begin with nutritional deficiencies. If you are eating the standard American diet, you can be sure that your gut (stomach, small intestine, large bowel) is ultimately at the root cause of most of your symptoms. A poor diet actually causes damage to the gut lining, resulting in poor absorption, and decreased brain function. The gut is often referred to as the “second brain”. If the gut is not happy, then your brain is not happy.

Cloudy thinking, lack of focus, or word recall issues could be caused by looking at a computer screen for more than three hours per day. A job that requires lots of study or heavy thinking can really fry the brain. We’ve seen thousands of people who have fried their brain from work and computer use. ADD or ADHD often begins with a poor diet from infancy that includes soy, cereal and artificial fats and chemicals. Alzheimer’s is almost always autoimmune at its core, and autoimmune disorders begin in the gut. We have also correlated heavy metal toxicity, lack of good fats, and circulation problems to this degenerative disease. Vaccines that contain mercury, aluminum or formaldehyde are injected directly into the blood and go straight to the brain have been shown to cause autism and Alzheimer’s. Keep the brain clear of toxins and filled with healthy fats!

When should I see a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner?

If you are experiencing loss of memory, brain fog, brain fatigue, or you just can’t find words, then it’s time come in to see what is at the root cause of your symptoms. We get great results to improve mental and brain function.

How will The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor handle it?

We use a muscle testing technique called Nutrition Response Testing to specifically target which nutrients the body is lacking. Nutritional deficiencies or an overload of toxicities are at the root of any symptom you may be experiencing. We work with you from a dietary standpoint, and also add in supplemental nutrients to begin to heal the body and increase brain function.