Applied Kinesiology

Why AK?

Applied Kinesiology, or AK, is a muscle-balancing technique that restores balance, and enhances function to the human frame. This allows you to move more freely without pain. Applied Kinesiology was created in 1964 and is used by doctors worldwide.

Muscles may become weakened or even turned off through trauma. These can include: auto accident, athletics, falling off your bike, horse or even a chair, any sprain including ankle and knees, surgery,  weightlifting,  slips, falls, and dental work. The possibilities are endless. The goal is to turn the muscle back on and fix muscle imbalance.

That is what exercise or rehab is for, right? Exercising a muscle that has been damaged won’t turn it back on. Specific exercises may strengthen muscles around the damaged muscle, but the damaged muscle will continue to stay weak. Ask anybody who has done specific exercises after an injury. As soon as they stop doing them, the problem comes right back.

Applied kinesiology muscle testing works effectively because it turns on muscles that have been turned off. This restores balance to your frame. Correcting structural imbalances also relieves pressure on your nerves. These nerves feed organs, bones, skin, and hair, and can help speed up their healing time.

I enjoy helping people gain back the structural balance they once had. Jolts, jars, accidents, and injuries of all kinds fall into the categories of problems that can be corrected using Applied Kinesiology. If you have any structural problems that have nagged you in the past, come see me, Dr. Joel Vickers, and let me put my 850 hours of AK training and 25+ years of experience to work for you. Together we can restore your muscular balance which will enhance your life.

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