Mystery Illness

by Kerry Cradit, B.S. Nutrition & Food Science

The Basics of Your Mystery Condition

Have you been seeing Doctor after Doctor with no answers? Many things that happen in the body are written off as unexplained causes or are labeled undiagnosable. When I was 36 I was told by an M.D. that my back pain was just because I was getting older. That was not an acceptable answer for me. Often patients are told they have to “live with it” or that there is nothing that can be done to help.

If you have ever been told stress was the cause of a symptom I recommend looking further for a more complete answer. Stress certainly causes immune system weakness and susceptibility to illness. But, stress is normal. It is the response in the body (heart palpitations, mind racing, fatigue, sleep problems) to the stress that is abnormal. Learn how to diagnose a mystery disease below.

How do these problems start?

The majority of health problems begin with nutritional deficiencies and organ dysfunction. Even with a perfect diet it is nearly impossible to get everything the body needs to be well. As the deficiencies progress the symptom becomes more dramatic as the organs get more depleted.

When should a child see a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner?

If you aren’t getting answers to your questions or solutions to your illness you should see a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner as soon as possible. Hard to solve cases are our specialty.

How will The Nutritional Healing Center help me?

There is something that can be done for Your Mystery Illnesses. With Nutrition Response Testing and some lab work we can find out what organ needs support and the reason why you don’t feel well. We can add the correct supplements to support your body while it heals. We can recommend foods that are best for you. We can help you solve your unexplainable illness. Diagnosing mystery illnesses is what we do all the time.